Monday, September 29, 2008

Alpine Slide

The ski lift up to the top of the alpine slide. It was possibly the slowest ski lift we have ever been on in our lives

Bren and Chantal just before their race down the alpine slide... Bren won.... by alot

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hogle Zoo!

This little guy came right up to the window to say hello

Yes it's real, and yes it's WHITE! At first we thought it was a robot, it really didnt look real. But then he surfaced and there you have it. The Ghost of the Bayou.

mmm branches!!!

This baby giraffe was so close to the fence that Chantal got to touch it! She was very excited!!

Very lazy tiger


Man in a tiger suit


Problem solved!

This tiger hated the guy in the suit every time he saw him he would freak out start growling and then he would chase him. It was very exciting for people to watch

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Hike to Timpanogos Cave

Entrance to the cave

Chantal turned into a cooked lobster after the excruciating hike.

  Timpanogos Cave

The mashed potatoes 

The Baker

Some pretty cool rocks

The Heart of Timpanogos Cave

The end of the cave, Chantal excited to go to the ladies room.

Waiting to go into Timpanogos Cave

Monday, June 9, 2008

This guy was just walking down the road like he owned it. There was a whole heard of them. Bren was very entertained. 

For a second we really thought these guys were going to charge our car. They got so close Bren could have reached out and touched them! No harm was done to the car though. It's all good 

The Bear!

Ok.. So look closely... closer... closer! Ok do you see the little black dot in the middle? Bingo! That is a bear! Bren's one goal in going to Yellowstone was to see an actual bear.. One in the wild not behind bars. His wish was granted with this little guy, well at least from where we were looking he was little. Probably not so much up close! 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mammoth Hot Springs

This is Mammoth Hot Springs, it is a geyser that grows with every eruption. It is very beautiful and massive. 

We hiked all the way to the top. It took us longer than we would have hoped for because Chantal is more out of shape than we thought. She was exhausted when we made it to the top and we still had the hike down.

There were stay on the marked path signs everywhere, we looked the other way for this picture, but isn't it cute! 

Buffalo Calf

This is a mommy buffalo right off the boardwalk to a geyser basin near the Firehole River. You cant see the buffalo calf because it is hiding behind its mommy but look at that hunk right up in front! 

Here is the cute little buffalo calf they were every where, wandering down the road and in the meadows. It was really cute!

Old Faithful

What's a trip to Yellowstone with out visiting Old Faithful? This was Bren's first time ever going to Yellowstone National Park and we had to pay a visit to the most famous old geyser in the park. Most of the time you have a nice long wait for the geyser to go off, but we got lucky, not five minutes after we got there the geyser went off. 

The Opal pool (Yellowstone)

Friday, April 18, 2008

View from hotel (Turtle Bay)

PCC Luau


Poly Dancers (PCC)

Chantal Eating Poi (PCC)

Poly Climbing Tree (PCC)

Pearl Harbor!

Gun Turret (Pear Harbor)

Taking a nap in the Missouri

USS Missouri

Flight Museum (Pearl Harbor)

Flight Tower (Pearl Harbor)

Snorkeling Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay

Snorkeling Hanauma Bay