Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hogle Zoo!

This little guy came right up to the window to say hello

Yes it's real, and yes it's WHITE! At first we thought it was a robot, it really didnt look real. But then he surfaced and there you have it. The Ghost of the Bayou.

mmm branches!!!

This baby giraffe was so close to the fence that Chantal got to touch it! She was very excited!!

Very lazy tiger


Man in a tiger suit


Problem solved!

This tiger hated the guy in the suit every time he saw him he would freak out start growling and then he would chase him. It was very exciting for people to watch


Bockholt said...

you guys are crazy glad to see an update

Bockholt said...

oh and by the way stop harrassing me about the recipes! I started a recipe blog- there is a link off my blog so I wont be posting the monthly recipe on my blog but on my recipe sight. if you would like to post recipes on it too than give me your email and ill invite you to join.