Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer so far!

Here I am again a sad sad excuse for a blogger and what do I go and do? Why I make another blog! Yes yes its true. But hey my new blog has some reasoning behind it. Check it out here and help me meet yet another goal! I made the decision to start it after a conversation Bren and I had about my lack of cooking. But enough about that blog, you're just going to have to click on that link to learn more about it :).

Back to this blog. So much has happened this summer and I have yet to blog about ANY of it! What a slacker I am! Well lets start from the beginning! And my favorite part of this summer! Hawaii!!!

Lets just say Hawaii was AMAZING and of course, it was not long enough. I have made up my mind and gotten over my fears of living so far away from my family, I want to someday live in Hawaii. Visiting it every other year is just not enough for me!
Here are some cute pictures from our fun vacation!
Beautiful Beautiful Hawaii!

Anna's first time on the beach. With Daddy and Grandpa McRae

Hangin out with the Doria's at Fumi's

Fumi's! An Oahu MUST!

our little hitch hiker!

The Hukilau Cafe! Featured in 50 First Dates. Another Oahu MUST!

Sunsets on the beach

The mumu we got for Anna at the swap meet

The view from our back patio

the beach behind the house we stayed in


Haleiwa Joes yet another Oahu MUST!

Kenton got his endowments!

Just a few pictures right! Haha. I must say one of the best parts of the trip was also the last. We got to go through the temple with Bren's little (or not so little) brother Kenton.

After Hawaii we had lots of family time! Anna (yes, we're calling her Anna now) Won 3rd in her age group at the Orem Summerfest Cute Baby Contest! We're so proud of our little pip-squeek!

Here are some fun pictures from all of our fun times this summer!!


new friends

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

First time fireworks

Pig tails

Dinner time at Grandma and Grandpa McRae's

Big Bows

First braid!

Pool time with Grandpa McRae and cousin Annie
4th of July
Costa Vida
Helping mommy clean

Mess maker!

Big news!!! Our little Anna is a CRAWLER!!! Yes that is right!!! She crawls! She loves to be chased by mommy and crawl every where and under everything! Sometimes she gets stuck. We  now have two baby gates because of her attraction to our stairs and the house is underway  of being baby proofed. 


Pictured above is another bit of big news! Our little Anna now has two teeth!!! The first one popped through on my mom's birthday at her birthday party. The second one popped the next day! My how she is growing up!!!

Bren has always wanted a handgun so he finally bought one, a Glock 9mm (which he sold to buy a Glock 40 cal. a few weeks later). The purchasing of this gun led to what I like to call firearm fever! After Bren bought his glock he wanted to buy a 1911 45 cal. Soo along came the Remmington (a very fun gun to shoot!) After he bought his gun I got jealous and decided I wanted a gun of my very own! So, Bren bought me a CZ Phantom 9mm. (Which led up to Bren selling his 9mm for 40 cal.)

Here are some pictures of our shooting adventures this summer!!

Shooting the Glock

My very own gun!

Bren and the Glock

Me with the 1911 45 cal.

how cute is she!

Daddy Daughter bonding time!

And there you have it! Our summer so far has been a blast! So sad that we only have one month left of summer fun! But this fall will be amazing as well. Baby's first birthday, Jake gets home from his mission to a whole slew of new nieces, and much much more!

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