Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The long awaited post!

Ok Ok Ok. So it's been a while since we've posted.

We just recently moved from Orem Utah to Rexburg Idaho. You never quite realize how much stuff you have until you decide to move!

A few new updates, Bren is going to school at BYU-Idaho and is enjoying his classes. Chantal has decided to go to cosmetology school! She starts in March.

We had our 1 year anniversary! November 24th and we went to Disneyland to celebrate, we had lots of fun. And Chantal is a legal adult! She turned 21 on November 16th

Christmas and New Years were lots of fun aswell, we got to spend time with both of our families and Bren got to meet Chantal's crazy dutch family.... it was quite the experience. But Bren was a good sport and ate all of his food. Even the dutch version of Sour Krout.

Now for the pictures. Sorry we dont have that many. (we're working on it)

Chantal's 21's birthday. Dinner at Texas Roadhouse, They made her get on a saddle while they sang to her. She was pretty embarrased!

Bren and Chantal on the Rodger Rabbit Spinout ride at Disneyland. The ride broke half way through and we had to get off and walk out. Quite the experience.

Bren decided he wanted to take blame for the broken down ride.

Bren took Chantal to see his mission, this was one of the trailers he was lucky enough to live in.

Chantal's crazy van Yzeren family.

Bren and Chantal Chrismas 2008