Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old Faithful

What's a trip to Yellowstone with out visiting Old Faithful? This was Bren's first time ever going to Yellowstone National Park and we had to pay a visit to the most famous old geyser in the park. Most of the time you have a nice long wait for the geyser to go off, but we got lucky, not five minutes after we got there the geyser went off. 


Bockholt said...

Okay, I might have already told you this but I really like your hair cut short like that. Your lucky you didnt have to wait for a long time with Old Faithful. Anytime Ive seen it, I get there and people say "oh you just missed it" then I have to wait around for a long time and end up spening ten dollers for a pretzel while I wait.

Tasha and Ryan said...

did you cut your hair chantal? it looks so cute! and yellowstone how fun!! :) i have never been there, how far is it from utah? tell me all about it!!