Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A waay over due post!

Lets face it, I'm just not the blogger I wish I was... But I'm working on it!!! 

This post should have been done a LONG time ago... Like back when Bren and I closed on and moved into our home! 
Being a homeowner is a wonderful thing! But the home buying process is much longer, much harder and a more tedious process than I ever would have imagined! And there are two people who made it possible for us (which i have been meaning to blog about for a while).

Who would have thought there would be so much to buying a home?! Honestly! I always thought it would be like the movies or those cute realty commercials where you find the home you love and they hand over the keys. Boy was I wrong!! 
First you have to set a price range that you have to stay within and get pre-qualified for a loan. Next you have to find a realtor, then comes the fun part, the shopping around and looking at homes. After you find the home you want to live in, you have to place an offer and hope that yours is accepted. Once your offer is accepted comes the funding.... and on and on and on!!!!

I have no idea how Bren found our amazing realtor Jerome, but I'm sure happy he did! Now talk about a guy who really earned his pay check!! Jerome was the nicest guy ever and had the patience of a saint! Seriously though! We placed 5 offers on 5 different houses!!! He was so easy to work with and truly cares about his clients, their best interests and finding the right home in the right price range for them. If anyone is in the market for a realtor in Utah give Jerome a call, he wont let you down I promise! 

The next person who truly helped make our dream of owning our own home a reality was our loan officer. Bren and I had a disaster of an experience with our previous bank. I wont name names because they truly are a wonderful bank and the loan officer was a very nice guy but he had poor communication skills and was not as efficient as we would have liked him to be. 

Remember when i said we but 5 offers on 5 different homes? Well the second offer we placed, we TRULY almost closed on, but long story short, the bank couldn't make our deadline so we had to back out before we lost our earnest money. 

Ron Pippin, the Loan Doctor was our loan officer. He was amazing! Fast, efficient, and personable. Bren and I utilized the Provo Grant as our down payment, there were some complications with paperwork and a few other things and Ron personally drove down to Provo and got all of the paperwork taken care of and straightened out! What a nice guy!!! If your in the market for a great loan officer give Ron a call! 

Boring to some interesting to other? But hopefully some day (if not already) you will have the pleasure of owning your own home! And when that happy day comes, a great realtor and loan officer can make your experience worth blogging about too!