Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updates, Updates, and yes... More Updates!

Yada Yada Yada I know I know I'm a terrible excuse for a blogger! But hey! Twice in one day!! I've gotta get some points for that.... Right

I'm sure you have all been squirming in those chairs of yours just wondering what they heck has been going in the lives of the McRae family! Kalia must be getting so big and growing so fast!! .... or at least thats what I like to tell myself. (it helps me sleep at night) 

SOOO much has happened since my last update, so hopefully this post will satisfy your McRae craving ;) 

Kalia eats! She sits! She laughs on camera! 

First things first. Kalia Eats!!! (and loves it too!)
Our little string bean was introduced to green beans the beginning of this month. Next to the occasional bite of apple sauce and the whole strawberry her dad let her suck on, this was her first experience with food. 
She ADORES green beans, we couldn't get the spoon in her mouth fast enough! A day or so later after she finished off that jar of baby food, we introduced our little girl to carrots. 

She loved them as well, just not quite as much as the green beans. Same story we couldnt get them in her mouth fast enough. Eventually our little love decided to take matters into her own tiny hands... literally...

yes there are carrots in her hair, eyebrows, and nose... 

On to the next blog worthy update. Kalia Sits!!! 
She is still quite wobbly but she has all the strength, she just lacks a bit in the balance department. But we are working on it and before you know it she'll be a sitting pro

How could you not love this beautiful little face? 

Lastly of the blog worthy updates (and my favorite by far) Kalia Laughs on Camera!!! 

A couple of weeks ago Bren was playing with Kalia before bed, he let out a sneeze and our little princess cracked up. So Bren decided to keep sneezing and this was the result <3 

Precious isn't she? 

That's everything I can think of now (and perfect timing as the little sleeping beauty just woke up from a nap). But I will honestly try harder to blog better. 

Hope I was able to keep you interested, and if you made it through the post... you rock!


Bockholt said...

I love that little peacock hair! Cute video and what a beautiful little smiler

Kari said...

How adorable is that video?! You are such a great momma! :)