Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just a little longer

Ok friends, I know you are anxiously awaiting pictures of our new home, however, we are still in the middle of the unpacking/cleaning process. It will be done today (Kalia's blessing is tomororw) SO when all the madness is done and over with. Not only will you be getting pictures of our beautiful new home, but you will be getting pictures of Beautiful baby Kalia's blessing! 

A better post will come!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

                                              Happy Valentines day all! 
I must say I have to blog today because I LOVE Valentines day! I used to hate it when I was younger and single and would refer to it as Singles Awareness day. But I love the idea of celebrating your love for another person. What a beautiful thing love is! 
I truly have the most amazing Valentine anyone could ever ask for. Bren is such a wonderful husband and father. And I am truly thankful to have him in my life! 

So lets all enjoy tonight! And celebrate that special person in our lives! So whether you're spending the evening with your significant other or your friends. Take the time to let them know that they are special in your life. 

I felt in honor of the day of love it would be fun post the history behind this special day
So there you have it!

 And of COURSE I have to post a cute picture of my beautiful princess in her Valentine's Day outfit! <3  
 Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I'll get some better pictures and post them later                                    

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More to come!

Yes yes I know, I didnt blog on Sunday... But thats because it was the superbowl... and well we weren't home. SOOO I was going to blog on Monday, but this week went by REALLY fast. Lots going on and not enough time to blog. BUT I figured, since Bren and I are going out of town this weekend ( so I wont be blogging tomorrow either) I figured I could handle a small minute to blog before I get back to packing.
Yes... I just said packing! Bren and I got our final approval on our home loan last night! That means we close on Wednesday, and have to be out of our townhouse by Friday. A lot ahead of us? I think yes! We are so excited! But I cant blog for very long... because I should be packing right now.

Update with the little miss Kalia! She rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time yesterday! YAY! My little girl is growing up so fast! Oh how I love that baby!
Here are some cute pictures just to satisfy you... (if there really is anyone that reads this blog :)

Kalia finally likes her bumbo.... for short periods of time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Beach

Wait what is this? It's TUESDAY?? And the Blog is being updated? Unheard of!

Any who, I just felt a need to blog about my UNBEARABLE need for a tropical get away. AHHHH. Wouldn't it be nice just to get away for even a couple of days? 

Doesn't that just look divine?  I can almost  hear the waves crashing and feel the sun shining! ...
Who am I kidding? Although today was one of the warmer days, I'm still stuck in a frozen tundra!

 This is how I feel sometimes. Alas Summer is not too far off I guess.... right?

At least I have Bren and Kalia to keep me warm and cozy for the rest of the winter until then I will hum the words of Blake Shelton's Some Beach until I can get my wish.