Saturday, February 12, 2011

More to come!

Yes yes I know, I didnt blog on Sunday... But thats because it was the superbowl... and well we weren't home. SOOO I was going to blog on Monday, but this week went by REALLY fast. Lots going on and not enough time to blog. BUT I figured, since Bren and I are going out of town this weekend ( so I wont be blogging tomorrow either) I figured I could handle a small minute to blog before I get back to packing.
Yes... I just said packing! Bren and I got our final approval on our home loan last night! That means we close on Wednesday, and have to be out of our townhouse by Friday. A lot ahead of us? I think yes! We are so excited! But I cant blog for very long... because I should be packing right now.

Update with the little miss Kalia! She rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time yesterday! YAY! My little girl is growing up so fast! Oh how I love that baby!
Here are some cute pictures just to satisfy you... (if there really is anyone that reads this blog :)

Kalia finally likes her bumbo.... for short periods of time


Varela's said...

She is sooooo beautiful!!