Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 3 months Kalia!!!

Yep, you guessed it! Kalia turned 3 months old yesterday!!

(not that it was a hard thing to guess or anything... since that is what the post title is...) 

3 months ago yesterday our beautiful little baby girl entered into this world and our lives couldn't be more blessed. She is such a sweet little girl and we love her so much! 

Every day my sweet little princess gets bigger and bigger, its not just the growth that amazes me. Not only is she shooting up like a bean stalk, but she is also growing intelligently, and advancing in her motor skills as well. My little three month old can already completely hold her head up on her own, and has been able to do so for quite a while now. She will probably be sitting on her own pretty soon here too, her back is getting stronger and stronger. Bren likes to practice sitting up with her, she can support herself for a couple of seconds before she topples and of course daddy is there to catch her. She does well in her Bumbo, but she isn't the biggest fan of it, after a few minutes of sitting in her bumbo she gets mad and wants to be held. She can grab and hold onto things all on her own now (yes this includes mommies hair), her two favorites are her little TY monkie beanie baby and her blanket Oma (my mom) made for her. 

Lets get back to her two FAVORITE things in the world (besides daddy and mommy of course)

1. Her blankie Oma made for her, its a cute fluffy and soft green blanket with white and brown polka dot trim my mom sewed on the edge (pictured below). She loves to grab onto it and snuggle it up to her face. It helps her go to sleep and is a constant companion in her car seat. 

2. Her TY monkey Beanie Baby. She just discovered it this week (with daddy's help. She adores this monkey, she loves its long arms and lets that are easy to grab on to and swing around, but it is also fuzzy and soft and she loves to cuddle it close when she is getting ready to fall asleep. 

Another thing little miss Kalia discovered this week is dancing. Oh how she loves to dance! She loves music and shaking her little bum. Its pretty fun to watch her and help her dance. I was listening to to What is Love (the cheesy 80's techno song) and she was bobbing her little head to the beat. VERY cute!!! 

I cannot go ANYWHERE with her, without someone (or everyone) stopping me and telling be how beautiful she is. People are ALWAYS ooglign over her BIG blue eyes and long thick dark brown hair. 

Now to the pictures!! Below is the most amazing, sweetest, cutest baby girl to have ever been born... (biased? Maybe, but then again maybe not ;)

Little Miss ready to go out.

MMM Paper! I ran to the bathroom for a quick moment, when I came out this is what i found. She had managed to grab one of dad's receipts and was munching away

Our little sleeping beauty, she LOVES her bouncer. Picture taken on her 3 month birthday <3 love that  baby girl!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogging Goal

Chantal here,
So I have decided that my New Years Resolution is to be a better blogger. I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, matter of fact, Bren has done over HALF of the blogging here. Yes yes I know my husband blogs more than I do. So here it is, my goal is to set aside Sunday as my blogging day, I don't want to be too over zealous so I will start out with once a week. Hopefully this doesn't over whelm me... does blogging over whelm? I guess we'll find out. So this is my pathetic post for today. Next week i will be a little more entertaining and post some pictures, but for today I will give a little updates.

Lets start with Kalia,
She is now 12 weeks old and getting bigger every day. She's all smiles and giggles and LOVES to play with Mommy and Daddy, mostly Daddy. She is getting SOO big! She already fits into most 6 month old clothing, they are a little loose on her but she still fits into them pretty well. She holds hear head up completely on her own now, my little baby is not so little any more!

As for Bren and I, well, we're pretty much adjusted to being parents by now, but every day still holds its little surprises. We LOVE our little girl and we LOVE being parents. It's so hard to remember life before our precious little princess. She is the most loving and happy little baby, we are truly blessed to have her in our lives.

Well thats all for today, next week will bring pictures.