Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shutterfly is the Best!!
Overall, the website is user-friendly and going through the photo uploading and registration process is quick and fast. They offer great customer service and the quality of digital prints is substantially better than the current competition. As far as the price is concerned, Shutterfly offers very good rates and the more copies that you order, the lesser the price per print will be. Shutterfly offers a huge variety of different types of picture genres. My favorite are the Christmas cards. They have a huge selection that you can find here. My other favorite is that they offer customizable calendars that can make great presents which you can find here. They also have great birthday cards that can be serious or very funny. You can find those here.
Whether you're a casual photographer or someone who just plain loves pictures, then Shutterfly is definitely the site for you. Just like what their tagline implies, you can utilize the site to print out and share pictures which tell great stories.